Stellana is a team at your disposal to provide you with a high quality service, in accordance with your individual situations and needs.

During our long experience

in the area of translations, interpretations and certifications we know that each and every situation is unique, as are our clients! We know that when someone is in need of a translation or interpretation, most people have lots of questions and concerns on their minds. They are not aware of the procedures and requirements, but this is okay!. It is our job, the team at Stellana will be there for you. Contact us to get help and advice on any issues or on anything you may have concerns about.

There are different reasons

you may need translation and interpretation services. Let’s list a few, just as an example: travel in a different country, work, study or a new life abroad, training or a conference, official documents, that are required by an Authority in a country, different from the one, where they are issued. As we summarized above – the reasons may be numerous, so even if you can not see your particular case in the list, just contact us!

Our professional team is well versed in all the procedures, to be followed as well as any accompanying requirements, applicable by the Authorities and Institutions. At Stellana you can receive answers to your all questions and a high quality service at a reasonable price!

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