Stellana is a team at your disposal, in order to provide you with a high-quality service in accordance with your personal or corporate requirements.

If you need to present a document,

issued by one country in a different one, you need to use the legalization and certification services. There are different requirements for a document to comply with, in order for it to be certified, legalized and further used. We want to welcome you to contact us with any questions, even before obtaining the documents.

In order for a Company and a translator to provide you such a service on the territory of Bulgaria, they need to be approved by the Ministry of the External Affairs.

Stellana’s translators are qualified and listed with the Ministry of External Affairs, a requirement for a document to be certified.

Stellana can certify the translations of documents in front of Notaries and can also assist you with the process of legalization with different institutions in Bulgaria.

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Education and Science
  • Ministry of Healthcare
  • Etc.

We are aware that the procedures of legalization and official certification of documents may seem confusing and complicated. This is the reason why you have Stellana, to get a competent consultation and excellent service.

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