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Nowadays the migration

of the population is a fast-growing trend, applicable both for legal and physical entities. Speaking in legal terms – a change of the country of residence or work involves gaining a residence permission by the administrative authorities controlling the foreigners in line with the Law for Foreigners in Republic of Bulgaria. The residence of foreigners in Bulgaria may be long-term and permanent, and they may obtain it on grounds, listed in the Law.

We are here to offer you a complex service,

consisting of translation and legalization of the respective documents, as well as preparation and obtaining of the documents needed, in line with the grounds for the application.

Meanwhile we observe and inform you for any changes of the respective and applicable laws and bylaws. This would give you the advantage to save time from visiting different institutions, proven challenge for the residence applicants, not fluent in the official language of our country.

When Stellana provides you an interpreter

for your communication with different institutions, we facilitate the respective procedures and obtaining the required documents in short time limits, because we are aware how valuable time is nowadays.

Our services also include providing assistance for preparation and obtaining the required documents for retrieval of Bulgarian citizenship for individuals, born in Bulgaria and subsequently expelled from the state, as well as acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship for individuals, born out of the borders of Republic of Bulgaria in the admissible cases.

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